let’s get lost.


okay friends i have returned, thanks to dixonbros. this is like…the only prompt i could think of weeks ago and now i’ll probably just write aus because?? BUT AGAIN, I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT PROMPTS.

summary: lucas and maya get lost at the airport. short lil drabble, just under 600 words.

“I can’t believe you got us lost.”

“Me?” He asked incredulously, his usual smile now wiped clean from his face. “I don’t want to place blame on anyone, but you are the one who insisted on going to Cinnabon.”

Maya crumpled the now empty Cinnabon bag in her hand into a ball as she scowled at him. “You were supposed to be the navigator, cowboy.”

“Actually, we cowboys navigate by using pocket watches as a compass, and I don’t have a pocket watch on me right now, unfortunately.”

Her eyes narrowed, emphasising her glare. “…stop being smart when I’m trying to be mad at you.”

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"Never thought I’d be walking hand-in-hand in an airport with Maya Hart."


wrong partner.


okay this is my first lucaya fic and it’s TERRIBBLEELELLVLEBIELEB. but i wrote it for dixonbros bc i love her and i’m going to write more in the future and they will be less terrible we hope. also i didn’t proofread after finishing the whole thing bc i can’t stand to read this again omf.

summary: lucas and maya are paired up for a class project bc i’m a basic bitch who writes basic tropes.

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hell yeah



headcanon: when class gets dull (usually due to when a substitute teacher plays a movie irrelevant to anything that they’re learning) and half the students begin falling asleep and maya starts drawing nonsense on the cover of her binder, lucas finds himself playing with her…

ooh the feels in my new otp..


Anonymous asked:

Prompt: It's the day after her sixteenth birthday when her mom gives birth to her baby brother, and she knows that it's the last time she will be anyone's favorite anything.

mayahartlucas answered:

He is frail and small, baby bones and fat cheeks with bottle pea eyes and a runny nose to match. He is screaming, crying, wailing, and Maya calls him a little booger and claims that that is all he really is. Except he isn’t, and she knows this. She knows this the best. It’s all in the way she sees her mother’s eyes glimmer at the sight of the newborn and how the father of said child is tearing up at her side. The scene before her is too picturebook-esque and fairytale-like that after she gives her new brother an accepting look and a touch to the chubbiness of his pink face, she finds her way out of the room.

Except her mother’s smiling ear to ear, pearly whites and damp forehead and the Hart girl can’t remember the last time her mother had looked at her like that. She also finds it amusing how she had quit her job for this kid with beaming eyes and barely any hair that tends to grasp onto anything that comes into sight. He gargles his spit and blinks much more than necessary and Maya isn’t jealous. She’s not.

There isn’t a reason to be. She was given a home and food for dinner (almost) every night and a bed (that’s actually a mattress on the floor, but a bed, nonetheless) and a room (the living room was all hers) and an education. It’s not the fact that she hadn’t been beautiful enough for her own mother to have sparklers in her eyes and heat radiating off open arms for her or good enough for her own father to stay for the likes of her, either.

She doesn’t tell Riley about the kiddo. Doesn’t need to. By the time she sees her at school, the too-cheerful brunette’s already practically jumping for joy since her mother had told her there’s a new baby in her best friend’s household that she just had to meet. She bursts of genuinity with her crescent shaped eyes to accompany beds of teeth. Farkle’s more on the curious side, nonstop questions and perkiness and goddammit just shut up a second, Farkle, please. And then there’s Lucas who is surprisingly the less annoying of the two, which is too damned ironic since he knows just how to get under her skin. He knows that he shouldn’t, though. Not at this moment, at least. He walks her to her locker and she tells him about her dislike for babies and children and whining and crying and how she’s going to dread living in her apartment for awhile.

And then she’s rambling about her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and they’re failing relationship status and how her little brother’s going to soon be taking her mother’s last name, too. She remembers the legal process of having to have changed her last name all that time ago. She remembers tears and files and struggling and a runaway father. Maya stops herself before the darkness of her thoughts make its way to her mouth. They coincide all too well together. She bites at her tongue and looks over at the boy beside her who’d been listening to her nonstop babbling in all his sincere glory.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” she grabs her textbooks from his hands (when had he even started holding her books for her?) and shoots him a small smile. “A lot’s going on right now.”

“Well, you’ll always be my favorite Hart.”

And well, Lucas had always been her favorite listener.